Affection affects your Student’s reactions and the contents of conversations. Mood affects your Student’s Motivation. Motivation affects the results of Studying and Working. When it increases, the results of what your Student is doing will be better.

Affection and Mood go down depending on the contents of the following:

  • Your reactions during conversations
  • When your Student enters Tired State (pay attention to the warnings displayed on the top part of His Room)
  • When your Student ends Working or Studying while in the Boost Chance State (Cheer him whenever possible to avoid this)

You can increase your Student’s affection with Love Sweets, Cake, Cookies, and Nuts. You can increase their mood with Moody.

Mood Icons Edit

Icon Mood
Student is in a good mood. Motivation is High.
Student is in a normal mood. Motivation is Normal.
Student is in a bad mood. Motivation is Low.
Student is Resting.
Mood-animal state
Student is in Animal State.

Stamina Icons Edit

Icon Stamina
Full Stamina. No need to rest.
Stamina-human state ending

24 hours have passed, Human State is ending.

K, EXP, and Attributes gained decreased to 2/3 of original values.

48 hours have passed, Stamina is depleted.
Affection and Mood are decreasing.

Icon displayed while Resting.

Three Additional hours needed if human state ended.

Affection Icons Edit

Icon Affection
Dislike state. Talk with your student a lot to raise his Affection.
Normal state. Looks like he doesn't dislike you anymore.
Like state. He started opening his heart to you.
Love state. He really, really likes you.
Adore state. When maxed (100), an event will occur during a Level Up.