Beginner Pack

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Special super cheap Pack. Available only during the Support Period

Cost: 500G

Beginner's Pack
Image Item Description
Limited edition zebra stripes
Limited edition zebra stripes x1 Limited Beginner's Pack outfit. You can get it only now!
Free Gacha Ticket
Free gacha ticket x1 Free Ticket for the Normal Gacha
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Free mini gacha ticket x1 Free Ticket for the Mini Gacha
Strawberry Candy
Strawberry Candy x3 Strawberry flavored candy. Restores 10 Chats
Refreshing Chewing Gum 60
Refreshing Chewing Gum 60 x3 Shortens Learning time by 60 minutes
Business Smile 60
Business Smile 60 x3 Shortens Working time by 60 minutes without lowering the rewards
Event Boy
Event Boy x2 Regenerates event stamina, allows to skip areas during events etc.!

This pack of items are only available in the first 72 hrs (3 days) after registration.
Beginner's Pack can be purchased once per one person.
Contents of the Beginner's Pack will be automatically received upon purchasing.
Please check the Closet for limited clothes.
Please check the "Item" menu for other items.