Brand Shop

In the Brand Shop, you'll find clothes unavailable in any other store or gacha. The shops are G only.

To access the shop, go to His Room and scroll down until you see the shop button (this will be located with 3 other buttons just below the current event banner). Clicking on it will open a menu with several different stores. The Brand Shop will be the very first one at the top of the left column.

There are currently 5 different brands in the Brand Shop:

  • Chouchou lapin 
  • Garden R/F
  • Twinkle Kitty
  • Fable fox

In each shop, you can buy individual pieces of clothing, or you can buy full sets.

Chouchou lapinEdit

Image Name Cost (G) Included Items (Only for Sets)
Branche Bonheur
Branche Bonheur (set) 1300G Carousel Port-au-Prince, Carousel Cheval, & Coulee
Carousel Port-au-Prince - Bleu roi
Carousel Port-au-Prince - Bleu roi 700G N/A
Carousel Cheval - Bleu roi
Carousel Cheval - Bleu roi 300G N/A
Coulee - Bleu roi
Coulee - Bleu roi 500G N/A
Branche Bonheur
Good night (set) 1300G Rabbit sleep, Warm futon, & Dream's invitation
Rabbit sleep - Green
Rabbit sleep 600G N/A
Warm futon - Green
Warm futon 400G N/A
Dream's invitation - Green
Dream's invitation 500G N/A

Garden R/FEdit

Image Name Cost (G) Included Items (Only for Sets)
Branche Bonheur
Desolation city (set) 1300G Climbing escape, Unchain, & Broken cage
Climbing escape - Gray
Climbing escape - Gray 700G N/A
Unchain - Gray
Unchain - Gray 300G N/A
Broken cage - Type 1
Broken cage - Gray 500G N/A
Branche Bonheur
Ceasar (set) 1300G Scissorhands, Blood animal, & Scissor curtains
Scissorhands - Red
Scissorhands - Red 600G N/A
Blood animal - Red
Blood animal - Red 400G N/A
Scissor curtains - Red
Scissor curtains - Red 500G N/A

Twinkle KittyEdit

Image Name Cost (G) Included Items (Only for Sets)
Branche Bonheur
Star Treasure (set) 1300G Star ruler, Star reflective hat, & Star live tree
Star Ruler - Sky color
Star ruler - Sky color 700G N/A
Star reflective hat - Sky color
Star reflective hat - Sky color 300G N/A
Star live tree - Sky color
Star live tree - Sky color 500G N/A
Branche Bonheur
Space (set) 1300G Space Scholar, Planet factory, & Space planet
Space Scholar - Blue
Space Scholar - Blue 600G N/A
Planet factory - Blue
Planet factory - Blue 400G N/A
Space planet - Dawn
Space planet - Dawn 500G N/A

Fable foxEdit

Image Name Cost (G) Included Items (Only for Sets)
Branche Bonheur
Trapped Jug (set) 1300G Captured one, Thorny flower decoration, & Water dome
Captured one
Captured one 700G N/A
Thorny flower decoration
Thorny flower decoration 300G N/A
Water dome
Water dome 500G N/A
Branche Bonheur
Demon Tour (set) 1300G Early evening sightseeing, Demon decoration, & Lake inhabitants
Early evening sightseeing
Early evening sightseeing 700G N/A
Demon decoration
Demon decoration 300G N/A
Lake inhabitants
Lake inhabitants 500G N/A


Image Name Cost (G) Included Items (Only for Sets)
Branche Bonheur
Sweet Temptation (set) 1300G Candy master, Lop-eared hat, & Candy panic
Candy master
Candy master 700G N/A
Lop-eared hat
Lop-eared hat 300G N/A
Candy panic
Candy panic 500G N/A
Branche Bonheur
Future Master?! (set) 1300G Wandering artist, Work of art?, & Graffiti set
Wandering artist
Wandering artist 700G N/A
Work of art
Work of art? 300G N/A
Graffiti set
Graffiti set 500G N/A