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Gachas are a feature similar to a lottery. First Play in Animal Boyfriend’s Gachas are free. You can use Gacha Tickets, Gacha Coupons and/or G for additional plays. The results depend completely on drop rates and luck. Sometimes you can get duplicate items from Gachas. You can exchange duplicate and unwanted prizes at the Recycle Robot for Exchange Tickets, which can be exchanged for unique items at the Recycle Robot. Available Gachas are changed regularly, which means that all Gachas end after a while.

You receive GPT (Gacha Points) every time you play the Gacha. The amount received varies depending on the rarity of the Gacha item and you receive double points during the first free play. 100GPT awards you 1 Stamp. If you accumulate 1000GPT, you will be able to get one of the Stamp Prizes listed under Featured Bonus Prizes. (NOTE: The Stamp Prize you receive will be random, so it isn't guaranteed that you will get the exact prize you want.)

Limited Period Gacha are the newly updated Gacha Renewal system implemented in July 20, 2017's maintenance update. Gacha Tickets are taken first (if a player decides not to pay G for playing the Gacha), and when a player runs completely out of Gacha Tickets, then it will start accepting Gacha Coupons afterward. There does not seem to be a way to use Gacha coupons while you still have Tickets available.

  • First Play is free.
  • 5-Play is available (First Play is half price)
  • GPT received upon using the gacha.
    • Gacha Ticket usage: 1 play, 1 ticket
    • Gacha Coupon usage: 1 play, 3 coupons.
Limited Period Gacha Drop Rates

Active Gacha

Inactive Gacha

Old Regular/Mini/Limited Gacha
Free Mini Gacha Ticket
Free Gacha Ticket

Before July 20, 2017's maintenance update, Regular Gacha, Mini Gacha, and Limited Gacha were in play.

Regular Gacha usually contained clothing items based on the theme, while the associated Mini Gachas contained accessories. Some even contained Faces and Hairstyles exclusive to that particular gacha. Free Gacha Tickets were used to claim items from the Regular Gacha, while Free Mini Gacha Tickets were used on the Mini Gacha. These gacha usually stuck around for a couple months before becoming inactive.

Limited Gacha were gachas that contained both various clothing and accessory items. Limited Gacha Tickets were used to claim these items, otherwise a player would have to spend G after using the initial free play. These gacha were active only for a few weeks.


Normal Gacha


Regular Gacha are Gacha that drops clothes items or backgrounds only.

Active Gacha

Past Gacha

Mini Gacha


Mini Gacha are Gachas that drops accessory items only.

Active Gacha

Past Gacha

Limited Gacha

Limited period gacha

Limited Gacha are only open for a set amount of time.

Since the July 20th, 2017 maintenance update, Limited Gacha reprints now accept both Gacha Tickets and Gacha Coupons.

Active Gacha

  • Kabuki PARTY Reprint |Reprint Release: Jun 11th, 2018 - Jun 18th, 2018

Past Gacha

(--pre-gacha renewal system--)

5 Time Play

Each Gacha gives you the option to play 5 times for 1500G, but first play will always be 750G.

By using the 5 Time option, you will receive one of the following as a bonus reward.

Many of the older gachas had these set as the default 5 Time Play reward. Newer gacha have theirs detailed on their pages.

Mystic Rose Type1 Mystic Rose Type2 Mystic Rose Type3 Mystic Rose Type4

Other Gacha

Step Up Gacha

The Step Up Gacha are special limited gachas that have four steps to play, with the final fourth step guaranteeing an SR drop. Each step costs G to play.

Free Tickets and Coupons are unusable for these gachas.

StepUpGacha Banner
Daily Gacha

The Daily Gacha are special limited gachas that update their line-ups daily. On the last day the gacha is available, there is an even chance to get any item within the entire gacha.

Free Tickets and Coupons are unusable for these gachas.

DailyGacha Banner
Box Gacha

The Box Gacha are special limited gachas with a large set of items available. No duplicate items can be received from this gacha, since as the player wins each item, they disappear off the list unless reset.

Free Tickets and Coupons are unusable for these gachas.

Box Gacha Banner
Select Box Gacha

The Select Box Gacha is a special limited gacha where the player can choose which Super Rare and Rare items they want to attempt to win from a set list. All winnable items are from past Normal Gacha and Mini Gacha.

Free Gacha Coupons and G are accepted by these gacha.

Premium Gacha

Premium Gacha is limited to Premium users. It drops both clothing and accessories.

Free Tickets and Coupons are unusable for this gacha.

Friend Invite Gacha

A Gacha that uses Invitation Gacha Tickets, earned by inviting other users to Animal Boyfriend.

Friend Invite Gacha Banner
Beginner's Gacha

A limited Gacha that is only available for the first 72 hours after registration, during Beginner's Support Active.

Beginner's Gacha Banner

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