Crybaby: A person who cries readily for very little reason.
"Crybaby... Well, Crybaby cries a lot, but isn't that a good excuse to hug him?"
– Ambition

The special job that uses this personality requirement is Library Receptionist for 05:00.

Personality Requirements

Kindness Naughtiness Elegance Flamboyance Toughness
500 0 0 0 0
Bashfulness Cheerfulness Shyness Curiosity Frankness
700 0 500 0 0

Personality Reactions

Level Up

Level 05:

Level 10:

Level 15:

Level 20:

Level 25:

Level 30:

Level 35:

Level 40:
[Student] reached level 40 and you went to a restaurant to celebrate it.

  • "Wow... Looks expensive..." [Student] is nervous.
  • "Eek...! The whole menu is in a foreign language! Even the waiter is a foreigner...! [Student] is confused.
  • "I was to
    in-game misspelling, word is supposed to be "too"
    nervous, so I couldn't concentrate on the food..." It was a bit much for [Student].

Level 45:

Level 50:
[Student] reached level 50 and you went to a cinema to celebrate it.

  • "Movie on a wide screen... I hope the sound won't be too loud..." [Student]'s heart is starting to beat faster.
  • The movie started. [Student] is very into it.
  • "Hachiko~~! Waaaaah!!! ..." [Student] is too touched and can't stop crying.

Level 55:
[Student] reached level 55 and you went to a zoo to celebrate it.

  • "Wow... Look, so many animals...!" [Student] is excited.
  • You walked around the zoo with [Student]. "Their lives are made public..."
  • "Sob... I would never be able to work in the zoo..." [Student] seems restless.

Level 60:
[Student] reached level 60 and you went for a drive to celebrate it.

  • "Why do we have to ride a car...?" [Student] isn't feeling well.
  • You drove in a hurry. "Waaaaah! That car will bump into us...!!"
  • "Waaah! Do these cars have a grudge against me or something...?" [Student] doesn't like cars.

Level 65:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 65 and you went to see a horse race to celebrate it.

  • "So many people... But quite a few of them used to be beasts, just like me...!" [Student] is excited.
  • You watched a paddock with [Student]. "I perfectly understand their feelings..."
  • "I see... For us beasts it is easy to understand the feelings and conditions of our mates, so that's why so many beasts are here to bet." You have heard something you would prefer not to hear for [Student].

Level 70:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 70 and you went to the hot springs to celebrate it.

  • "Sauna? Do you think someone as weak as me can stay in there for more than 3 seconds?" [Student] went to the sauna.
  • 20 minutes have passed, but [Student] still hasn't returned.
  • 30 minutes later... "Did......I......become a real man..........?" [Student] overdid it and is very dizzy. You brought him some water.

(As Lovers) [Student] reached level 70 and you went to the hot springs to celebrate it.

  • "If I can go into the hot springs with my full body will it make me really manly?" [Student] went to take on the challenge.
  • You heard [Student]'s voice coming from the baths. "WAAA...!!! Eek...!"
  • "Sob... My skin burns..." [Student] looks very tired.

Level 75:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 75 and you went to a museum to celebrate it.

  • "A fossil exhibition... Somehow it sounds scary..." [Student] is slightly nervous.
  • You walked around the museum with [Student]. "Waaaaaah..... These skeletons seem to be staring at me...."
  • "Oh... I felt like if as I was their prey..." [Student] is tired.

Level 80:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 80 and you went to a botanical garden to celebrate it.

  • "Wow! So many beautiful flowers and plants!" [Student] is looking around.
  • You walked around the greenhouse with [Student]. "Oh, what is this sweet smell...?"
  • "Looks like this nice smell came from the wild strawberry... By the way, did you know that if you can grow it your wish will come true...?" [Student] really enjoyed the botanical gardens.

Level 85:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 85 and you went to a church to celebrate it.

  • "The atmosphere here is really special..." [Student] is gently smiling.
  • You prayed with [Student]. .............."
  • "... I wished to become an ace male... Oh, I mean man! Do you think my wish can ever come true?" [Student] enjoyed being in the church.

Level 90:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 90 and you went hiking to celebrate it.

  • "[Teacher]... Let's do our best together!" [Student] is showing enthusiasm.
  • You started climbing with [Student]. "Fuf.... [Teacher], let's take a break... You must be thirsty. Here, have some of my tea."
  • "We didn't rush it, so even I could climb to the top!" [Student] looks exhausted, so you took care of him and helped him climb to the top.

Level 95:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 95 and you went to the seaside to celebrate it.

  • "Ah, [Teacher], look! Can you see that ship near the horizon line?" [Student] is excited.
  • You walked along the sandy beach with [Student]. "I wonder where that ship is heading..."
  • "If you ever decide to go on a cruise around the world, I will always be by your side..." [Student] is watching the setting sun.

Level 100:
(As a Good Friend) [Student] reached level 100 and you went on a calm meal to celebrate it.

  • "[Teacher]!I have finally made it to level 100!" [Student] is touched.
  • "Such a crybaby like me was only able to make to this far because [Teacher] was by my side." [Student] is trying to hold back his tears.
  • "[Teacher]... I can't thank you enough... I will definitely become a normal human and return this debt one day...! [Teacher]! Sob-sob..." [Student] felt a strong bond between you.


  • [First Time Confessing] [Student] asked you to come out for a talk. He sounded unusually nervous. "Umn.... I.... I.... [Teacher], I love you!... So much... I can't hold this inside any more...! So... Will you date me?..."
    • [I would love to] Really?... No kidding?... Yaaaaaaaay!!! You are now in a relationship with [Student].
    • [Let's be friends first...] Oh... But I am happy we can at least be friends....Thank you.. You became friends with [Student].
  • [Second Time Confessing] [Student] asked you to come out for a talk. He sounded unusually nervous. "A long time passed since then, but... I still like you...[Teacher]... Won't you please date me?..."
    • [It would be my pleasure] (need information)
    • [I'm sorry] (need information)


  • "Sob... Sob... To part ways, despite being so close... I'm sorry, I hope that I'll be able to hold back my tears today, but...
  • ...I will be strong. I'm a man after all. I want to thank you with a smile. I'm sorry for being such a crybaby and for making you worry about me all the time...
  • I want to say that I'll be fine. Thank you for being such a good friend up until now. [Teacher], I will never forget the times we've spent together.
  • Think about me from the time, okay?"

Special: Valentine's Day 2016

  • "U-umm,[Teacher]...? Do you know what day it is soon...?" He looks fidgety. What could it be?
  • "The answer is... Valentine's Day~! It's a bit early, but... I made some chocolates, if you'll have them!" [Student] gave you some chocolates!
    • [I'll take them home.] "I-I'm really sorry if they taste all yucky!!... Hmm? There's something else in there... I don't remember putting it in..." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Cake]x1 OR [Love Sweets]x1
    • [I'll eat them right now] "Ah! You're going to eat them here?!... Hmm? There's something else in there... I don't remember putting it in..." Ah! Something fell out of the chocolates! → [Love Cake]x1

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