"Daily Socializer Ranking is a Ranking System created by the Social Department to help Students with social interactions.
When Socializing, Students receive Socialization Points which are summed up every morning. Top 10 Students receive item rewards from the Social Department.
To increase the desire to participate in the ranking, reward items are chosen randomly every day.
By the way, Saturday is a Special day. That means that the rewards on Saturday are better than usual!
I hope that everyone will take part in our program."

- Yohan

Daily Socializer Ranking

DSR 2014-08-30

Daily Socializer Ranking Top 10 Look

The Daily Socializer Ranking is a socialization competition that occurs daily.

It's members change every day at midnight JST (UTC+9) and are chosen based on the number of times an Animal Boyfriend has been socialized with.

There are 10 top spots and 15 honorable mentions. The top 10 receive presents chosen at random. Saturday has better prizes than the rest of the week.

You can check how many people have socialized with you in your Student's status.

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Aiming to place among the rankings? Here are a few tips to increase your chances:

  • Make sure to Socialize a lot and be willing to go way above the daily exp limit. Try to catch people online at different hours and look in the Log In tab under Shion's Friend Link to see who is currently active (try to stick away from Intro Link as it will lead you to a lot of mule/inactive accounts). Keep in mind that the user will have to socialize with you for it to count towards the ranking.
  • You can also find active players from other Student's Memos, but please be mindful as it can be considered rude to ride on someone else's hard work (we recommend only doing this with users who have given you consent, like an IRL friend). It is generally advised to not snatch recs and advises if you do plan memo stalk. It's not against the rules to do so, but there is etiquette and people remember good/bad behavior. See point above for a better alternative.
  • Check your memos regularly to return the favors as much as you can if you want folks to come back to you and become your regulars. It's polite to return the favor. Remember your regulars names and seek them out for a guaranteed return. Friendships are always mutual!
  • Recommending outfits to other Students and giving Advice is one of the best ways to get your name out there. (It's recommended to leave a soc too while doing so because some users can feel used or manipulated by "hit and runs" and may not soc you if you only came for exp or to get noticed)
  • Leaving comments like "Great!" "Thank you!" and "Sorry". It shows people you are active and will get you on the default tab on the Student's Memo.
  • Buy Items in other user's Style Check. It earns you both JIN and they will likely seek out ways to thank you.
  • Use items on other Students. Chances are they will want to thank you for this too!
  • Saturdays give better prizes. This will mean more competition but better rewards.
  • Even if a Student is sleeping, be sure to Socialize and leave a comment, and especially Recommend to them. When they wake up, your recommendation will most likely be the first thing they see and they may want to see who recommended it.
  • Study and Work! If you keep your Student busy often chances are people will keep coming back to you for a chance to advise you. If you're known to not have a busy Student then there isn't much incentive to visit you (no one to advise).
  • Try to branch out, don't rely on the same people to socialize with. If you move beyond your memo page for people to socialize with you will get better results and more people seeing you.

Top 10's Possible Prizes

(NOTE: This table is incomplete.)

Image Prize Rank
Super Alarm Clock
Super Alarm Clock First + Second Prize
ComfyPillow 1
Comfy Pillow First Prize
AromaMist 1
Aroma Mist First Prize
LevelReset 1
Level Reset Candy First Prize
Strawberry 1
Strawberry Candy First Prize
Matcha Candy
Matcha Candy First Prize
Cheering Squad
Cheering Squad First + Second prize
Business Smile 120
Business Smile 120 Second Prize
Busi60 2
Business Smile 60 Second Prize
Smile10 2
Business Smile 10 Second Prize
ResetFrog 2
Reset Frog Second Prize
Refreshing Chewing Gum 180
Refreshing Chewing Gum 180 Second Prize
Mooder AA
Mooder AA Third Prize
Love Cake
Love Cake Third Prize
LoveCookies 3
Love Cookies Third Prize
Refreshing Chewing Gum 10
Refreshing Chewing Gum 10 Third Prize